Reclaimed land in 1953 1000 hectares
The end of World War II, the economic opportunities created by the Korean War and the large-scale movement of people and capital in the wake of the Chinese Civil War brought new challenges and rapidly increased prosperity to Hong Kong.

Extensive reclamation projects were conducted on both sides of the Victoria Harbour during these years. Kai Tak airport, previously extended by the Japanese on reclaimed land using prisoner-of-war labour, was further expanded. Built on 60 hectares of land, the new 2194 metre runway was opened in 1958.

Victoria Park was laid out on the reclaimed Causeway Bay typhoon shelter, and opened in 1953. Further reclamation work in the 1960s expanded the Wanchai-Causeway Bay shoreline towards the present Harbour Road and Hung Hing Road/Convention Avenue.

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